Episode 54

Published on:

25th Jan 2023

#054 Distance

Hotflush Recordings turns 20 this year. There'll be an announcement later this week but we're pre-empting it here with an episode featuring the first 'external' artist ever to release on the label.

Something I totally forgot to mention in the intro is that we've actually also made a new track, with more than half an eye on those early days of Dubstep, which is out on Friday - get it here.

Always so organised on this show.

Since his first Hotflush release in January 2004, Distance appeared on the legendary Mary Anne Hobbs Dubstep Warz Radio 1 show, and went on to release albums on Planet Mu and Tectonic, as well as a further 12" with us.

He also played three times at our SUB:STANCE parties at Berghain, and has been a mainstay of the biggest Dubstep raves in the UK, including FWD>> and DMZ.

He is, in short, a Dubstep legend.

We discuss all that, as well as his more recent work with Riz Ahmed, adapting his artistic output during the pandemic, juggling family life, and much else besides.

This was a hugely enjoyable conversation for me, and you're gonna love it too.

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